Organisational Culture Transformation and Leadership Development Specialists

“Inspiring people and companies to see new possibilities, step into new ways of operating, achieve new efficiencies and sustainable growth for the future.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to support people and organisations to operate in a values aligned way, with vision, purpose, understanding, clarity and agility

Reveur are Cultural Transformation and Leadership Development Specialists.

We work with organisations whose leaders have reached a level of understanding that current paradigms need to change in order to make themselves and their organisations more agile and responsive to their customers and stakeholders.

Balance is the key

Our motto is “Value the Potential Within”. With many years combined experience in senior executive roles and consulting with CEO’s and boards about creating value and transforming organisations, teams and individuals – we are adept at working with leaders on balancing their commercial imperatives with leveraging the different motivations and capabilities within their workforce.  Reveur partner with clients to develop and implement measurable, efficient and cost-effective strategies which support leaders and employees to achieve their personal and organisational goals.

Knowledge in partnership

When executives think of organisational change – they necessarily think of it with a long-term view.  When contemplating organisational change, it can seem overwhelming, with a high degree of risk (sometimes based on historical experience) that the change will not realise its intended benefits.  The conscious focus required to embed change can often be lost in the “busy-ness” of the day to day operational requirements.  Reveur partner with leaders and employees to ‘move towards’ change utilising strategies to enhance resilience, agility and consciousness, enabling them to create new habits and adopt required changes.

By sharing knowledge in a true partnership, we can begin making sustainable transformations in a short period of time, achieving tipping points, gaining momentum and getting results.

Transformation is a long-term endeavour – but action CAN be taken immediately, delivering early results that help build confidence and commitment to the change agenda. Reveur’s point of difference is that we excel at balancing the importance of getting these early results with ensuring long term benefit realisation.

The Boutique choice

We are a boutique consultancy firm which provides organisations with strategic consultancy support and facilitation to transform individuals, teams and the organisation culture. Once there has been a need identified for change – it should be enacted sooner than later.

As a boutique agency, the Reveur Directors work directly with the clients in designing and delivering programs and bringing to bear their expertise, experience and agility to ensure they receive optimal outcome.

We believe that Cultural management is a staple of doing business today - not a one-off intervention.  A new model for measurable Cultural Transformation is needed and we bring this. We are focussed on delivering sustainable culture change with our clients by building the fundamental organisation capability to deliver the Cultural Vision and adapt to the speed of change.