Meet Your Team

Karen Schulz

Karen’s experience in cultural transformation and business performance is grounded in over 25 years of proven performance working nationally and internationally as a senior leader, executive coach, consultant, facilitator, university lecturer and cultural and strategic transformation change agent. Karen’s natural style has enabled Karen to design practical and business suitable programs implemented through customised approaches designed to build internal capability, ownership and deliver sustained benefits for people and the organisation. 

As a neuro coach, Karen utilises the results based coaching system drawing from the heart of neuroscience and incorporating the study of change, systems theory, learning theory and positive psychology. As an experienced ACC Credentialed Executive and Leadership coach with up to 2500 coaching hours, Karen has a proven track record of effectively supporting leaders to rapidly identify and understand underlying mindsets, beliefs and behaviours and supports them to make significant behavioural shifts.

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Dana Crees

Dana Crees has had an impressive career from receiving her Diploma of Teaching at Kelvin Grove Teachers College followed by her Bachelor of Business (HRM). Dana is credited for the support she offers senior business leaders and executives in both private and public sectors and working with them to unlock their potential, self-awareness and teachings on how to increase their effectiveness within the workplace. 

Dana has designed and implemented cultural transformation programs which incorporated cultural diagnostics and many other Leadership Development programs using world class frameworks for high impactful workshops.

Graham Hill

Graham has worked successfully coaching senior executives individually and conducting extended programs for high performing executive teams. Graham also has broad experience facilitating training in leadership, strategy and practical communication. Graham’s style is personal, practical and result oriented, based on over 18 years’ experience in coaching and facilitating leadership teams. He strives to build an environment of high trust where leaders are empowered to reflect deeply, see complexity in new ways and develop their strengths to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

Graham has a Master of Business by research into effectiveness of executive coaching, Master of Education (Adult Education and Traning), Bachelor of Engineering (1Hons) along with many other accredited achievements.

Dr Scott Bolland

Dr Scott Bolland is an executive coach, international speaker, facilitator, futurist and EdTech entrepreneur. His PhD and background (of 25 years) are in the area of Cognitive Science – the scientific study of how the mind works, spanning topics such as psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and artificial intelligence. 

His passion is playing in the intersection between these areas, in particular, how to best prepare individuals, teams, schools and organisations to flourish in the complex, uncertain and disruptive modern world. Has real-world experience in high-performance teamwork, forming start-up companies with some of Australia’s leading tech entrepreneurs. Has trained 1000s of executives, managers, policymakers and educators globally through his own leadership training programs.

Your Team

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein