Leadership Team Development

Qld Dept of Transport and Main Roads

The Regional Director of the TMR Central Queensland Regional Office was seeking to enhance the engagement and alignment with the Regional Operating Model and performance of both the Regional Leadership Team (RLT) comprising of the Regional Office Leaders and District Directors and the Extended Leadership Team, comprising of the RLT and District Managers.

Objectives of the program were:

  • Enhance the Regional Leadership Team (Regional Office and District Directors) team cohesion and performance including enhancement of the cultural leadership of the region.
  • Enhance the Extended Regional Leadership Team (RLT and District Managers) engagement and alignment to the Regional Operating Model to support their district delivery objectives including enhancement of the cultural leadership of the region.

Approach and Methodology

The project facilitated by the Reveur, was delivered through the following approach:

Consultation and Diagnosis

  • Initial consultation and engagement with the Regional Leadership Team (Regional Office and District Directors)
  • Administration of The Leadership Circle’s Leadership Culture Survey engaging with Region’s leaders to receive feedback on the effectiveness of the Regional Leadership Team (RLT) as a collective leadership group.  The Leadership Culture Survey provided understanding of the RLT’s current performance and desired leadership performance, providing insight into areas to leverage and improve to enhance the RLT’s cultural leadership and performance as a collective team.
  • The Leadership Culture Survey data provided the basis for open conversations with the RLT regarding the effectiveness and performance of the Regional Leadership Team, including the degree of (mis) alignment to the operating model and their behaviours.

Regional Leadership Performance Program

The team formulated a systemic program commencing with the RLT and cascading through to the extended leadership team over a period of 18-14 months.

Regional Leadership Team (Regional Office and District Directors)

  • The Reveur facilitated a series of RLT Team Development workshops that focused on enhancing performance through deepening the relationship between RLT members, reviewing behavioural commitments, building a united and purpose driven RLT, building capability regarding leading cultural change and reflecting on progress.  The behavioural commitments provided an anchor point to support the team in engaging in necessary yet challenging conversations in a way that improved decision making, cohesion and overall performance of the team.
  • The program also encompassed a series of short development sessions (1 hour) within the RLT meetings to keep conscious areas of development and focus.  These were combined with observation of Regional Leadership Team meetings where invited independent external people observed and provided feedback to RLT members, with a focus on behaviours and engagement during the meeting.

Extended Regional Leadership Team (RLT and District Managers)

  •  Reveur engaged with the Extended Leadership Team through both individual and collective interventions.  This included a series of annual workshops undertaken (approximately 20 people) to enhance performance and build common cultural leadership language, leadership behavioural commitments and actions, support clarity of the operating model through developing understanding of interdependencies and create an environment to share ideas and deepen relationships across this leadership level.
  • Reveur have engaged separately with each District Leadership Team (Fitzroy, Mackay/Whitsunday and Central West) through team workshops to provide focused and customised support for each district with a strong focus on the behavioural development to enhance the performance of the district teams and alignment with the overall Regional Operating Model.

Individual Effectiveness

  • To further build leadership performance, Reveur engaged individually with each RLT and District Manager through coaching to increase self-awareness and focus support on the individual and collective.


RLT members report

  • An improved sense of team cohesion and alignment with the Regional\Operating model.
  • An improved sense of team relationships and ability to hold challenging conversations.
  • Increased understanding of themselves and their team members.
  • An improved sense of collaboration between district teams.


At this stage of the project, formal measurement of the success of the project have not been undertaken. Measurement activities are planned for this calendar year.

  • The retake of the Leadership Culture Survey is scheduled for end of 2018, which will be approximately 2 years since the first assessment was undertaken.

The Project was delivered within budget and agreed timeframes.

Referee Details:

Mr David Grosse
Regional Director (Central Queensland)
Department of Transport and Main Roads
Mobile: 0407 62227 Email: Dave.J.Grosse@tmr.qld.gov.au