Organisation models and design

Regional Council

Our client was seeking an experienced external Organisational Development specialist to partner with them to design, implement and effectively transition to a revised Organisational Operating Model and resulting Organisational Structure.  The initiative provided the platform to deliver improved operational efficiencies through a skilled, engaged and empowered workforce, delivering the Council’s vision of being the best local government council.  


The design and transition to the new Operating Model and Organisational Structure was centred upon the principles of: 

  • Delivery of operational efficiencies with identifiable cost savings; 
  • Consultation, consistency and certainty for the workforce and stakeholders throughout the transition; 
  • Delivery in alignment with organisation’s values, relevant policies, procedures, obligations and regulations; 
  • Phased implementation to ensure continuity of service to the community. 

The approach and methodology achieved the following outcomes and measures of success:

  • Project was implemented within agreed time and budget.  Ongoing cost savings to achieve strategic outcomes were sustained.
  • More than one third (approx. 250) of employees actively participated in the development of the organisation design. 
  • Spans of control and layers of hierarchy implemented as per the agreed principles to reduce bureaucracy, cost and increase effective decision making. 
  • Skill and capability gaps to future proof the business were filled.
  • Greater than 70 percent of participation of employees in providing feedback and input to the final solution and implementation.
  • Proactive industrial consultation meant no significant barriers to implementation.  

Referee Details:

Ms Roslyn Baker
Sugar Research Australia (then CEO GRC) Details available upon request