Values and Culture Development Program

International Island Water Authority

Karen Schulz was engaged to assist the water authority to embark on a cultural transformation to be a Utility of the Future where world-leading customer services to the people of the country will be underpinned by its staff working as one team for the benefit of all in the community.  The organisation was looking for a suitably experienced consultant who specialises in the Barrett’s Values Assessment and cultural development tools and methodologies to partner in the development and implementation of an Organisational Culture Development Program.

Objectives of the program

The client was seeking the development and implementation of a culture development program which would support the delivery of its strategic objectives, deliver initiatives, methodologies and tools to engage and build the capability of leaders and employees throughout the Organisation.  They wanted to partner with highly experienced and pragmatic consultants to deliver an organisation culture development program that incorporates:

Culture Development Plan (CDP)

Development and delivery of an approved CDP through a process which highly engages leaders and employees and includes:

  • Facilitation of the review of the organisational values and establishment of clear behavioural statements and expectations
  • Provision of a gap analysis between an organisational target culture, current Organisational culture and development of strategies, interventions and change programs to achieve target culture
  • Delivery of comprehensive Culture Development Plan approved by the executive team.

Implementation of Culture Development Program (CDP)

The implementation of the CDP would require the following strategies to build momentum toward the target culture:

  • Development and implementation of cultural leadership program to bring the target culture to life;
  • Leadership development program to build individual and collective leadership effectiveness and capability;
  • Employee engagement program to engage employees in living and embedding the target culture;
  • Effective monitoring and reporting of progress towards the target culture;
  • Culture values assessment retests;
  • Development of individual or team specific development programs where required;
  • Development of a change management plan including implementation plan and communication; strategy
  • Provide tools and methodologies for continued internal capability build of leaders and employees.

Approach and Methodology

Karen’s proven approach and methodology to Organisational Culture Development is presented in the graphic below: 

Referee Details:

Barry Omundson
CEO Water Authority Fiji
Contact details upon request